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Updated on 21.07.2014


Free booking for a selected trip can be done by phone, e-mail, personally at the offices of Trade Fair Trips - Fresh Holiday (Tour Operator) or in travel agencies - partners. This reservation has a term of validity determined by a representative of the Tour Operator.


Your trip is considered to be claimed after depositing 30% of the value of the chosen trip (if not mentioned otherwise) and concluding a "tour contract" with the Tour Operator.


Prices are bundled according to the proposed programs. To each program are listed the services included in the package price of the trip. Entrance fees for tourist and entertainment facilities, a tour of the tourist boat of Mount Athos (Mount Athos) and public transport in the visited cities are paid separately. An up-to-date account of the prices of the most visited tourist and entertainment venues can be obtained from the Tour Operator's offices. All additional services are required in advance and pay separately.

Prices are fixed at a currency rate of 1 EURO = 1.95583 BGN. The tour operator has the right to make a change in the price of the organized trip in accordance with the provisions of the provisions of art. The prices of some of the programs are valid at the specified exchange rate BGN/ US dollar. In case of changing according to the parameters specified in the program, the final price of these excursions will be also changed. For the group excursions we offer, requirements for minimum number of participants - 40 tourists for bus and 15 tourists for airplane programs (unless otherwise stated) apply. The tour operator reserves the right to cancel a specific voyage in the event of failure of this number by reimbursing to customers the amounts paid up to that date.


Discounts for children are valid when they are using extra bed.


Any refusal of travel should be made by writing form, in the office where the entry was made. The deficiencies that are deducted from the full amount upon cancellation by the tourist as follows:

Bus programs:

  • if more than 30 days prior to the departure date - no penalty is deducted
  • between 29th and 15th day before the departure date - 30% of the trip value
  • between 14th and 7th day before the departure date - 50% of the trip value
  • between the 6th and the 3rd day before the departure date - 70% of the trip value
  • in less than 3 days - 100% of the trip value.

Airplane programs

  • if more than 60 days prior to the departure date - no penalty is deducted
  • between the 59th and the 30th day before the date of departure, the amount of the deposit should be deducted;
  • between 29th and 20th day before the departure date 50% of the trip value
  • between 29th and 20th day before the departure date 50% of the trip value
  • in less than 10 days 100% of the trip value


For traveling in the countries of the European Union (EU), Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Switzerland, a valid ID card is required. A valid passport is required when traveling to non-EU countries and where travel is combined and includes EU and non-EU countries. For children under 18 who travel alone or with one of their parents, a certified statement from parents (the parent who does not travel) requires that their child travel abroad. In order for your documents to be up to date in relation to your chosen program, please request an up-to-date reference from the Tour Operator.


All bus excursions are made by highway buses with the necessary licenses and providing the necessary comfort when traveling abroad. Flight programs are realized by flights of the airlines operating on the respective destinations and charter flights.


Depending on the selected program, tourists are accommodated in 2/3 *, 4 * stars hotels (rooms with 1, 2 or 3 beds and a bathroom). Each of the programs proposed in the web site (catalog) specifically lists the category of used hotels.


To all tourists traveling abroad with the programs of Trade Fair Trips - Fresh Holiday provide medical insurance for their stay outside the country. Medical insurance does not cover an insurance event as a result of chronic illnesses, any kind of dental services, as well as damage to the health of the insured due to the use of alcohol or other narcotic substances. The tour operator has the opportunity to offer tourists the cancellation of travel insurance. The tour operator has concluded an insurance contract under Art. 97 of the Tourist law- "The Tour Operator's Responsibility" with the Allianz Insurance Company.


Complains for pre-ordered and paid services can be made on site in the presence of the Tour Operator's representative. If the problem has not been resolved on the spot, the tourist has the right to make a duly filed complaint to the Tour Operator in writing form within 14 days of discovery of the discrepancy with the agreed. The claim must be accompanied by a statement of findings signed by the representative of the host country and the consumer. The tour operator undertakes to provide its opinion on the complaint within 15 days.


Trade Fair Trips - Fresh Holiday "has the full responsibility for the quality of the services offered in the programs.

The tour operator is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or documents of tourists, as well as for the consequences of non-observance of the legislation of the respective country by the tourists. In the event of damage caused by an individual tourist or group of tourists to the hotel base, buses or third parties, the offender bears the full responsibility for their deed. Possible damages are immediately compensated by the offender.

The tour operator shall not be liable in circumstances beyond its control which give rise to changes in the program or to force majeure circumstances (natural disasters, hostilities, mass protests, strikes, etc.) that hinder the conduct of a particular trip.

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