What is the most important information when you travel?

To ensure the protection of your interests when joining organized group or individual trips for a total price, we advise you to pay attention to the following:

  • Choose a trip provided only by a registered tour operator or travel agent. A certificate should be issued for the presence of a registration, which should be placed in a prominent position at the trader's office.
  • Before to make your choice, you should be aware of the conditions and the duration of the trip and its price and the price of any additional services and excursions that are offered in addition to the trip
  • When you are visiting the office of the tour operator,  should be given information (brochures, catalogs or other materials) about the company's activities and the organized trips. The information must be accurate, complete and not misleading.

The information provided by the tour operator or travel agent about the organized trip must be in writing form and to contain:

  • The price and the payment  method indicated in BGN currency
  • The starting and the ending date of the trip
  • The starting point, the ending point and the route of the trip
  • The place of accommodation, its location, the category or degree of comfort and its basic characteristics - for each night if there is a difference in the category of accommodation; where the place of accommodation is located in the territory of another Member State of the European Union, the information should include the relevant tourist classification according to the rules of the host Member State
  • The total number of the nights included in the tourist trip
  • The number and  the type of meals included in the tourist trip;
  • The minimum number of participants when it is necessary for the journey and the deadline for notification when this number is not collected;
  • Common passport and visa data, as well as information on medical and health requirements related to travel;
  • The name of the insurance company with which is the contract for insurance "medical expenses for sickness and accident of the tourist"
  • The type of the  transport vehicles
  • The size of the amount or percentage of the price witch should  be transferred to an account and the time limit for payment of the balance
  • The non-included charges and taxes
  • The name of the insurance company with which the insurance contract is concluded
  • The information for the organized trip should be clear

Can the tour operator change the information about the organized trip he has provided in writing form?

The tour operator is bound by the information provided in your written information. He cannot change it, unless:

  • There is an explicit possibility to make changes to it and you are notified of them before the conclusion of the contract
  • The changes are made subsequently by agreement between you and the tour operator

Is it necessary to sign a contract for the trip?

Your interests will be only protected if you have a signed contract for organized trip with a registered tour operator.

  • Once you have received information for the price, conditions and duration of the trip, you should receive in writing form all the terms of the contract for an organized trip before it is concluded.
  • The written form is considered to be met when the information is published on the tour operator's website and the tour operator has informed the client that the information is posted on the website or sent electronically to the user at email address.

After signing the contract, a copy of it remains for you

The contract cannot contain unfair terms.

What information should the contract contain?

The contract that you sign with a tour operator or travel agent must contain the following mandatory information:

  • The date and place of its conclusion
  • Company  address, tour operator registration number, as well as name, address, personal  ID number
  • The carrier's license, the type of used transport vehicles, their category and distinguishing marks, the date and time of departure and return from the start and end points of the journey, the time of arrival and the duration of the stay;
  • The location, type of tourist sites, their category and number of overnights
  • Your special pre-contracting requirements for which you have agreed with the tour operator
  • The deadline which you can cancel your trip without incurring a penalty and indemnity and a period which you must inform the tour operator that you are transferring your travel to a different person
  • The size of the penalty that you owe to the tour operator in case of cancellation of the contract after the term stipulated in the contract;
  • Minimum number of participants, necessary for the trip, and a deadline to notify you

What is important in terms of travel insurance?

The tour operator must provide you a contract of insurance covering his liability for damages caused by non-payment to its counterparties, including insolvency and insolvency.

Who is responsible for the non-performance of the contract?

The tour operator is liable for non-fulfillment of its obligations under the contract for organized trip

The tourist voucher - when and by whom is issued?

After signing the contract for an organized trip, must be issued a  tourist voucher only by a registered tour operator.

What information should the tourist voucher contain?

  • number and date of issuance
  • tour operator registration number;
  • names of the tourists
  • a list of prepaid services included in the tourist trip;
  • signature of the employee and stamp of the publisher.

Do you have a right to complain?

You have the right to claim if you have not received the service for which you have paid, but under certain conditions.

In the contract must detail the requirements of the form, the ways and timing of a claim for non-performance or improper performance of the contract. Take note of what you need to do next to the contract so you can file a claim - a protocol, notification to a tour operator representative, and a deadline for doing so. Be sure to keep the fiscal receipt, which must be issued to you for the payment.

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